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Welcome to my Happy Blog. A place where I will share all sorts of happy and crazy things – all about self-improvement and also about how to be happy.

I truly believe that we all have something within us that can make a difference in this world. I also think that happiness is a process, not a goal. I will create something special around here… a place for people who want to take action and make a difference in this world and build a life they love.

Do you know how to be happy and live a happy life? Or, are you waiting for happiness to find you?

Happiness doesn’t appear by magic. It’s something you can cultivate. Stop procrastination and take action!

So, here are 3 simple tips that I have found on How to be Happy that you can start applying today:

1. Accept that you can control yourself and your own actions only.

According to an African Proverb: “When there are no enemies within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

According to a research, one participant claimed: “As I started my journey to being happy on purpose, I realized very quickly how little in my life was within my control. I had no power over other people; others will do, think, and feel what they want and there’s little I can do to change or even influence that. I could only manipulate my environment and the things that happened to me to a certain degree. I started to wonder if I could control anything in my life at all and I realized that I can only control myself. More specifically I had control over my attitude and my reactions to what the world throws at me.”

Maya Angelou claims: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

2. Balance everything.

Zen Buddhist Proverb says: “Before Enlightenment – chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment – chop wood, carry water.”

The key between is a Yin and Yang is harmony. Everything has its opposite side, but harmony is in the middle and rules everything and it is the center of life. For instance, one has to make a balance between selflessness and selfishness. If you pick only one extreme it will quickly make you unhappy. Also, the same is with finding a balance between your logic and your emotions – in that way you feel better but also you understand things better.

How to Achieve More Balance in Your Life

So, are you being honest to your own emotions (value them) or are you absorbed in them completely (controlling them)? Your emotions and your logic must work together in order to guide you through a healthy and balanced way of life.

3. Teach how to let it go.

letitgoimage-325x243Teach how to let things go that you cannot control or that have happened a long time ago. Instead, be stronger and work on your self-esteem and self-control. You will feel more at peace with yourself and then you will truly enjoy your own life enjoy life in spite of anything bad the world throws at you.

Ask yourself a question: “How’s this good for me?” Is it really helpful to be angry or sad all the time? Are you being useful and productive when you assault someone that upset you? Do you think it is healthy to be obsessed over a person, an issue, or an event that you cannot control?

To let go means to love more and fear less. It is a knowledge about cannot do it for somebody else; that you cannot control everything, and that the result does not depend on you. So, when you let go, you make the most of yourself, not blame someone else or try to change him/her. Finally, letting go is not about regretting the past situations but growing as a person and living for the future moments.

7 Ways to Clear your Mind of Negative Thoughts

Posted by on 4:18 pm in Self Improvement | Comments Off on 7 Ways to Clear your Mind of Negative Thoughts

Finding ways on how to clear your mind of negative thoughts can be tough, especially if it is already a part of your habit. When you start to think negatively, you may want to get rid of those thoughts immediately. However, resisting those thoughts may only make things worse. When you try so hard not to think about something, you may end up thinking more about it.

If you want to stop thinking negatively, you have to try a different strategy – something that will actually clear your mind of negative thoughts permanently. (more…)

Gratitude Makes you Happier

Posted by on 4:09 pm in Self Improvement | Comments Off on Gratitude Makes you Happier

ThanksEveryone in the world wants to be happy. Who doesn’t, right?

Everyone, including Muslims, Israelis, Christians, and even the terrorists want a happy life. That’s just pretty simple. However, most people think that happiness is elusive when, in fact, there’s a pretty simple formula for happiness and that is gratitude.

When you have an ungrateful heart, you’ll never be satisfied with your life. You’ll endlessly try to acquire things. When you’re ungrateful, you’ll never be happy.

Studies show that gratitude influences positive changes in the human brain. The results of this study show that thankfulness has positive effects on the brain. It promotes the production of “happy” chemicals, but more than that, it changes everything. It makes us kinder. It makes us want to be better. It completes us and, as a result, it makes us happier. (more…)

Even a Simple Breathing Exercise can Make a Big Difference to your Health and Life

Posted by on 1:48 pm in Self Improvement | Comments Off on Even a Simple Breathing Exercise can Make a Big Difference to your Health and Life

The act of breathing is a simple way for the body to cope and stay alive. It is as vital as water and food, but many people tend to take it for granted, forgetting the fact that without oxygen, the brain dies within minutes. Many also forget to realize that this basic action of the body has an effect on their happiness, health and life.

As what Schwartz has said, engaging in this exercise whenever you feel stressed, upset and overworked can boost your happiness quotient. Doing the exercise every day will make you calmer and even prevent stress from getting to you and making you sick.

Poor respiration can also cause difficulty in concentration, sluggishness, fatigue and slow response time. Do you believe that you can avoid all those by simply improving the way you breathe?

Believe it now because you are about to learn a respiration enhancer technique that not only improves health, but also lets you live longer. This technique is the Qigong Diaphragmatic breathing exercise. All you need to do to enjoy its benefits is to spend a few minutes a day performing the exercise. (more…)

How Can a Life Coach Helps in Personal Development

Posted by on 3:17 pm in Self Improvement | Comments Off on How Can a Life Coach Helps in Personal Development

At some point in your life, you may come to a point where you will be on the verge of a personal crisis. When you come to this, you will be needing a “life coach” for personal development.

A Life Coach can provide you with personal coaching to improve your current level of performance.

Personal development coaching


A life coach focuses on personal development as his or her area of expertise.


Things Everyone can Do to Live a Happy Life

Posted by on 2:46 pm in Self Improvement | Comments Off on Things Everyone can Do to Live a Happy Life

As you get older, you will realize how important it is to live a healthy, stable, and happy life and be happy.

Happy Life

Here are 25 practical things that you can do to achieve happiness and live a Happy Life


Procrastination: Why you Procrastinate and How to Stop It Now?

Posted by on 1:25 pm in Self Improvement | Comments Off on Procrastination: Why you Procrastinate and How to Stop It Now?

Procrastination is becoming a part of people’s life. In some cases, it’s simply about the ordinary things like rearranging old stuff, organizing accounts, or cleaning the cupboard. However, usually it’s the most important things that demand more commitment, more time, and can put you more at risk of failure, or emotional injury. The important things include updating your resume to find a better job, dealing with a situation that holds you back, or pursuing a long lost dream.

Procrastination quote (more…)

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